Reed Starkey – Episode #05

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Reed Starkey is a full-time real estate investor, co-founder of Dirty House Buyers Meetup, founder of Starkey Multifamily Meetup, and host of Starkey Multifamily Podcast. He has been actively investing in real estate since 2015 and completed over 45 investment deals in that time. He lives in Michigan with his wife and two sons.

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Heather Martel – Episode #03

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Heather Martel caught the real estate bug early and attended her first real estate summit before graduating from high school. Four years later she purchased her first house, which led to another which she successfully flipped for a 43% ROI. From then on she was hooked.

Meantime her curiosity and passion for learning led her to earn her Masters of Education leadership from the University of Michigan which she used to bring innovation and new learning methodologies to schools.

In 2014 Heather decided to take a leap of faith and pursue real estate full time. She founded Rove Investments that specialized in real estate investments to serve the short-term rental market (an exploding sector thanks to AirBNB) and has now expanded into the commercial sector.

Heather has been passionate about blockchain technology and its application to commercial real estate. An incredible networker and connector of people, Heather met Julie by chance on the other side of a commercial deal she was working on and was already meeting regularly with Mustafa to explore the application of Blockchain technology in commercial real estate.

Over lunch at a restaurant in Ann Arbor called Freds, Julie and Heather founded projectFRED, and within a week Mustafa, the third founder was brought into the fold. When not exploring blockchain technology, transacting real estate deals or meeting new people, Heather loves to bike, hike, run, windsurf and sail. She also acts with a local theater group, volunteers with local charities.

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Nick Suino – Episode #04

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Nick is an Entrepreneur, Author, Sensei, and Personal Transformation Mentor.

For over three decades, thousands of people have become more centered, happier, and more successful with Nick’s guidance. He has been called “one of the leading martial arts instructors in North America,” but his influence radiates far beyond the dojo. He has made it his life’s mission to learn the fundamental principles of success in many different fields, apply them, and share them with people.

Author of nine books, including LOOK UP! and BUDO MIND AND BODY (named “Essential Gear” by Black Belt Magazine), Nick has helped transform professionals, business owners, athletes, martial artists, and ordinary people with his presentations, group training and coaching. His book PRACTICE DRILLS FOR JAPANESE SWORDSMANSHIP spent many weeks as the #1 selling title in the Fencing Books category on Amazon.

Nick owns all or part of successful businesses in diverse fields like martial arts, marketing, publishing and law. He has been honored by the University of Michigan–Dearborn as “Mentor of the Year”; by the Bluewater Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo for advancing entrepreneurship; and by the International Martial Arts Federation for supporting traditional Japanese budo. He and his work have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Black Belt Magazine, The ANN Magazine, and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

He’s taught self-defense and empowerment to hundreds of men, women, girls and boys. Nick and his teams have a commitment to support worthwhile causes – it’s an essential part of their mission. They’ve donated to dozens of organizations in the past decade, including Fisher House of Michigan, Boy Scouts of America, Alzheimer’s Association, SafeHouse of Ann Arbor, Center for Independent Living, and Wounded Warrior Project.

You can learn more about Nick, and get in contact with him by visiting

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